ÛAbout Fooduel.com

  • What is Fooduel?

    Fooduel is a social food-publishing platform that lets you easily share recipes. People use Fooduel to vote and discover food recipes.

  • Howt it works?

    You can easily upload your recipes from your blog or photos from your computer (People who don´t have a blog but they like cooking)

    You have three options, you can choose one of these:
    1. Upload a photo from your computer.
    2. Binding the web page of your post (.html) or binding the url of an image.
    3. Press "Upload from your blog".
    Users vote recipes. That is a way to share all of them.
    You have your own profil, where you have all your uploaded recipes and where you can edited them. You can see your recipes rate.

    Watch this example how you can upload one recipe easily.

    Watch this example how you can make in your profile.

  • What do people love about Fooduel?

    You get reviews of your recipes and also you promote your blog. It´s an easy way to see new recipes. You can vote tours of food. You have a top recipes where you can see most voted recipes or recipes better rated.
  • Stats

    Stats are in your profile. You are able to see your stats:
    -Number of visits to your blog from Fooduel.com.
    -Number of votes received every day
    -Number of votes received by each category
    -Number of votes for each grade (1-10)
    -Number of votes for each recipe.
  • Widgets

    Your Recipes working in a greats widgets.
  • Share

    With integrated sharing tools that help you promote your recipes on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.
  • Search optimized

    Thanks to Fooduel you can generated and increase traffic for your blog.